We're Hiring: Social Seller/Client Success Coach

If so, this might be the perfect role for you!

We run a small but mighty “boutique” online business coaching program and we’re looking for a sales expert to click into our team. 

This unique role consists of 2 parts: Half coach and half sales rep. While ultimately your priority will be sales, we approach sales as coaching and you must be well versed as a coach first.

Are you an enthusiastic go-getter who loves sales and lives for teaching and educating? 

Are you the kind of person who is constantly checking social media and loves chatting in messages? 

Do you have a love of sales and marketing? 



company vibe

This isn’t your typical “sales” gig and we’re about as anti-corporate as a business can be. We are a small team focused on helping our clients achieve massive, life changing transformations through our year-long business coaching program, Yay for 100K™. We value equity, inclusivity, and honesty. As a sales concierge, you will be cultivating genuine relationships with potential clients by being incredibly generous. 


* Social Sales Representative


✔️Learn all of our programs, lessons, strategies, policies, and decision-making process so you can give expert feedback and support.
✔️Grow your expertise in our programs, industry, marketing strategies, and client success strategies by spending at least 1 hour per week on personal development.
✔️Continuously stay up to date on the latest strategies we teach to our clients.
✔️Engage with potential clients in email & DM’s daily (M-F). Reviewing messages morning and afternoon and responding accordingly.
✔️Review and utilize the Coaching Training Manual, taking the initiative to recommend improvements or ways to streamline how we service our clients.
✔️Respond to client questions in the Facebook group daily (M-F).
✔️Have an extreme awareness of who each client is, where they are in the program, when they're behind schedule, how they're feeling, and anything else that would help us serve them better.
✔️Develop a personal relationship with existing clients so they feel exceptionally cared for and tell us they trust you and what you bring to the program and calls.
✔️Be a true integrated TEAM member, actively communicate with the Ops Manager and CEO.


✔️Must be eligible to work in Canada. We are a Canadian company.
✔️High energy and enthusiasm
✔️Excellent at managing ongoing conversations with multiple people at once.
✔️Extremely well self-managed yet also enjoys being a part of a team
✔️Independent, self-starter who executes tasks on time, every time. 
✔️Strong communication skills and desire to receive regular honest, candid, constructive feedback. 
✔️Loyal, hardworking, and comfortable in a fast paced small-business environment where priorities can change quickly.
✔️Highly organized and detail-oriented - you will be maintaining a complex database and following detailed work instructions
✔️Past teaching or coaching experience is highly desirable (if you have this, please highlight it in your application)
✔️Superior emotional intelligence borderlining on an obsession with human psychology: Able to listen to, support, and encourage others. 
✔️Able to travel to live events for our company, Programs, and Team (potentially 4 times per year).
✔️Available to work Monday through Friday starting at 20 hours per week, leading up to full time (40 hours per week)
✔️Want to work from home in your pajamas with an amazing company with a huge mission!

NOTE: This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties, or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.

Applications close on November 29th at 5pm PT.

position summary

The person in this role is responsible for coaching potential clients in DM’s as well as via email and text messages to support them through making the decision to join our signature program, ensuring that our clients have a stellar experience and get massive results including responding to client questions, hosting coaching calls, giving client feedback, and assisting in creating content for our coaching program and lead generation.

The role will begin as a part time contractor position at 20 hours per week, as training and success of the individual (by reaching outlined milestones) will move to an employee full time position with commission opportunities.

* Responsible for actively engaging and coaching applicants in social media DM’s and/or via email. 

* Working through objections with coaching using our unique method to convert them into sales/clients.

* Enrolling a set number of clients per month. This quota will be reviewed at a regular interval. 

* Outbound marketing outreach to potential leads, managing a leads database, and strategically nurturing relationships with leads.

* Working directly with the CEO to come up with ideas for generating leads and sales.

* Client Success Coach

* Provide a high-touch coaching experience for clients in our high ticket program by becoming an expert in our strategies.

* Manage and support existing clients by answering questions, resolving issues, building a relationship with them, and delighting them at every step.

* Respond to client questions and within the program Facebook group daily (M-F).

* Review, critique and respond to client work as assigned and returned by outlined due dates with expert feedback and advice.

* Track client progress and provide strategic feedback

* Attend and co-hosting all weekly live coaching calls either as a chat coach or coaching actively on the call.

Onboard new clients and providing a smooth, supportive, and high-touch onboarding experience as scheduled.

* Coach clients during 1:1 Milestone achievement calls as scheduled.

* Provide a weekly team update on client wins and challenges.

* Attend monthly internal coaching meeting

* Attend all company client events and workshops

* Celebrate client wins & achievements

our values & beliefs

WE ONLY SERVE BUSINESS OWNERS WHO SHARE OUR BASIC VALUES and therefore only hire team members who also share our basic values.

✔️We are a values-based business and it is absolutely vital that we only work with clients and team members who align with these values. 
✔️We explicitly value basic human rights and support #BlackLivesMatter and LGBTQ+ rights. 
✔️We do not tolerate racism or hate speech in our community or in any of our programs. This is not open to discussion. 
✔️We support fat positivity and don't work with clients who perpetuate weight-stigma by offering diets or weight-loss solutions.
✔️Our clients are HUMAN, just like you and I - they will make mistakes, they have beliefs and mindset that may be seen as limited - however, we always meet clients where they are FIRST and do our best to educate and provide resources (when outside the scope of our work) for them to continue to do the work. The client is not their thoughts, feelings, actions or circumstances.

These values are in place to cultivate an inclusive program and safe community for our team and our clients. They're just the right thing to do.

Your application to join our team is an implicit agreement with these values. These values are not lip service: They are something that we discuss and incorporate into everything that we do. 

Welcome to my world of practical, fun, simple, no-nonsense business strategies to help you
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Welcome to my world of practical, fun, simple, no-nonsense business strategies to help you get more clients and create more freedom.

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