We're Hiring: Social Sales Representative

Would you like to spend your days connecting with people on Instagram and Facebook and enrolling them in a life-changing program that you believe in?

If so, this might be your dream role.

We are hiring a Part-Time Social Sales Representative to engage and connect with our leads and potential clients on all social platforms, and enroll new clients into our program by answering their questions and hesitations while helping them make a decision to join our programs.

You’re the type of person that just can’t stop talking about that new product/program/etc you bought and how it’s changed your life...you want to tell all your friends why they need to buy it, all the things you love about it, and answer all their questions so they can see how much is missing from their life without it!

You know that selling is serving - especially when you’re enrolling people into a program that will change their entire life and business. The thrill of selling gets you jumping out of bed in the morning! And you don’t mind answering those DMs on nights and weekends to close the sale!

We’ll send you qualified leads, you will connect with them on social media and help them make the decision to enroll in our program. You will also do outbound outreach to our potential customers - our engaged social media followers or FB group members.

You’ll be helping our potential clients choose to enroll in a program with proven results, testimonials, and rave reviews that we are determined to make the best in the market. Selling is simple when you are enrolling people into a program that you are genuinely excited about. All you have to do is have natural, supportive, conversations and close the sale in an authentic way.

There are tons of perks when working with Courtney Chaal HQ:

✔️ Work from home 80%+ of the time.

✔️ Our #1 core value is to HAVE FUN. I’m obsessed with creating a collaborative, enjoyable, safe working environment.

✔️ I’m invested in your professional development. We will support you to take a course or spend time getting additional training that you need.

*This position is Remote Work-From-Home with occasional in-person meetings.

Here at Courtney Chaal HQ we are a business coaching company that helps our clients grow their online businesses, book more clients, and launch successful online programs.


The Social Sales Representative is the sales superstar responsible for all personal, high touch communication with applicants, leads and engaged prospects through social media selling.

You are the ruler of the Direct Messages - sending voice and text messages and closing the sale through social connection.

You are highly organized, always remember everyone's name, and you love sales. You know that our customers' lives are 1000x better when they have our support and enroll in our programs, and you sell your heart out in order to serve them.


* Direct message all leads and applicants that are interested in our programs

* Outbound outreach and nurture engaged leads in our Facebook group

* Message engaged IG followers who watch and interact with stories and posts

* Check in with and re-engage leads every 30/60/90 days

* Keep detailed notes on warm leads in our lead dashboard system

* Report on any trends you are noticing in responses that could inform our marketing or messaging

* Answer all questions about the programs and overcome objections via direct social messages

* Use both voice memos and text based messaging to communicate with engaged leads

* Have conversations, learn about our customers, and leave them with an amazing experience so they feel seen, heard and understood

* Track all metrics on leads, outreach, inbound, sales and conversion rates and report to the team daily

* Build out a library of reusable responses to common questions and objections

* Filter out prospects who are not a fit and kindly let them know

* Maintain an intimate knowledge of current warm leads, where they are in the funnel, and their situations

* Make downsell/upgrade offers as appropriate

* Know our programs inside and out and be able to answer any question about what’s included, what the outcomes are, what the bonuses are, the support that’s included, etc

* Know our proven results inside and out and be able to share relevant case studies and testimonials as they relate to each lead you are speaking to

* Keep a log of all objections you encounter and your responses to build up our objection response library

* Become an expert in our lead management tech and software so you can navigate our systems easily.
* Work intimately with our Client Success team to ensure a seamless client experience from sales to delivery.

Ultimately we will train you thoroughly on the details of our programs, sales experience and strategies - but you’ll already be equipped with a positive attitude and a true passion for supporting people to achieve their goals!


* Must be located in British Columbia, Canada.
* You do not have your own business and are not trying to start or grow your own business but want to work on a team. (This is an employee position, not a contractor role).
* Be exceptionally confident in enrolling clients into a high ticket program

* Be highly organized, detail-oriented, with a love of developing new systems and processes. 

* Be excellent at managing ongoing conversations with multiple people at once.

* Have high emotional intelligence and be able to listen to, support, and encourage others.

* Experience selling high end programs in the $5-$10K price range

* Excellent and overcoming objections and shifting mindsets that are holding our clients back from enrolling

* Articulate wordsmith: you can always clearly explain something in a way that feels good to the potential customer

* You overcome even the toughest objections with ease, grace, calm and certainty, without ever seeming pushy or overstepping. 

* Your passion for closing the sale comes from knowing how powerful the transformation they will receive in the program is.

* You are excited to become immersed in our programs so you can answer any question or hesitation easily and accurately

* You are a people person, positive vibes, high energy, always sounds genuine and approachable on video, text or voice memo

* You take direction and are coachable and ready to be trained in our unique system for social selling

* Available to work Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific. (You don’t necessarily need to be in the Pacific Time Zone, but a willingness to operate predominantly in these hours is key!

* You are not focused on growing your own business but want to work for a fun company with a tight-knit team to make big things happen.
* You have legal authorization to work in Canada. We're located in Vancouver, BC but this is not required.

This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties, or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.

*Please note, this role is very unique in that sales are happening all the time - including nights and weekends! You may be responding to inquiries outside of “normal” work hours. We are seeking someone who is hungry and energized to go the extra mile with this role.

*At Courtney Chaal HQ we are a rebellious little business founded on the principle that being yourself is best for the world. We believe that Black Lives Matter and support the LGBTQ+ community. We encourage folks of various identities, abilities, orientations, and backgrounds to apply to work with us. We are an equal opportunity employer.   

Applications close on November 2nd at 5pm PT.

Do you have innate enthusiasm, ambition, communication, AND PEOPLE SKILLS COMING OUT OF YOUR EARS?



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Welcome to my world of practical, fun, simple, no-nonsense business strategies to help you get more clients and create more freedom.

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