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Wannabe Entrepreneur #6 – How to put together a kick ass new service in 5 steps.

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  1. Caylie Price says:

    Nice post Courtney! I've just created Lead Generation Supercharged. It's a 30 day program where I work with you 1:1 to build and implement a strategy that brings in red, hot leads daily so you always know where your next client is coming from. Now it's time to promote it to my gorgeous leads 🙂

  2. Courtney | The Rule Breaker's Club says:

    Great job, Caylie!!

  3. Gretchen says:

    Hey there! I'm preparing a new package, "Move it to Market" for fashion entrepreneurs who are stuck. The program will take them from product sampling, through branding, market position, costing and a communications plan for launch. Get unstuck, put your product on customer's backs so they can be confident walking down the street feeling hot and enjoying their amazing lives.

  4. Hi Courtney! A friend of mine told me about your site & I love it!

    I'm in the process of creating a 6 month coaching program to help new entrepreneurs get their website up, their opt-in created and all those other tasks that new business owners need to do. I came up with the idea after working with a few clients and noticing a common thread amongst them. Learning all those tasks takes a lot of time & I'd like to help them speed up the process so they can start generating income. I don't have a name for it yet, but it's still in the works. My website is

    Thanks for the great article!

  5. Hi Courtney! This cheat sheet really helped me to get clear about the steps that I need to take to create my first online programs, Get Unstuck Now and The Mindset Makeover Master Class. I recently completed a case study of the programs, so this experience have provided me with additional insights into the internal blocks and external hurdles that individuals these programs would be marketed to would have to overcome to be successful. Thank you for sharing this cheat sheet.

  6. Steena says:

    Heck yes!

    It may have been this post or the new coffee shop that I'm at (ohhhh it's just to beautiful for words), but I have a killer vision for my service now. Thank you!

    I'm offering coaching for women/mothers who want to create more kick-assery in their lives. They want that feeling that they are ROCKIN' it instead of feeling stress, clutter, and chaos in their lives. I help them identify the areas that they're not satisfied with and create real solutions to get them the heck out of that pattern and into nearly effortless success at mothering and their own pursuits (whether that's a hobby or a money-making business). Most importantly, they find a source of power within themselves that keeps them going – no longer looking to these external tasks to define their worth or identity.

Welcome to my world of practical, fun, simple, no-nonsense business strategies to help you
get more clients and create more freedom.

Welcome to my world of practical, fun, simple, no-nonsense business strategies to help you get more clients and create more freedom.

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