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[Wannabe Entrepreneur Series] #2 – How I Found My Passion (and You Can Do it Too!)

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  1. Razwana says:

    Well, aren't I a happy 'lil gal that I just found you !

    AB-SUH-LUT-LAY getting up and doing something, rather than sitting around pondering, is exactly where the 'find my passion' shizzle comes into play. And if the thing you do doesn't work out? Try something else!

    And also a perfect way to see if the-thing-you-wanna-do is worth turning into a full time gig, or if it is happy being called a 'hobby'. (but not a hobbit. Because that implies short. and barefoot. and weird hair).


    P.S -are you still living in Paris? So am I! So. Am. I.

  2. Courtney | The Rule Breaker's Club says:

    Hi Razwana!

    Welcome!!! So glad you enjoyed the post.

    I'm actually in Montreal now 😛

  3. Denny says:

    Very inspirational!
    I had a very big passion called Batman.
    Now guess what I did a few months ago..
    It also refers to Entrepreneurship so give it a look and keep going your good work!

  4. Miriam says:

    Love your post!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Miriam says:

    The same things count for me: I also wanted to be an actress, a painter and a writer as child.

    When I was 26 and almost finished wirth studying, I still wanted to be many different things: a filmmaker, a director, a musician, a designer, an illustrator, a painter and a writer. Because my studying allowed it. I had the possibility to learn a lot of different things there.
    But society always tell you, that you can do only one thing. That you have to concentrate on one thing. I always had the feeling that this does not count for me.
    Now I love to do both design and writing. But it is not that easy, because some people think you can do only one thing or the other.
    And now I am working on both. On doing art, design and writing a lot.

    Oh – I forgot that I also love photographing!

Welcome to my world of practical, fun, simple, no-nonsense business strategies to help you
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Welcome to my world of practical, fun, simple, no-nonsense business strategies to help you get more clients and create more freedom.

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